Sharif office Building

Firm LocationTehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Project locationTehran,Iran
CompanyHooba Design Group
Lead ArchitectHooman Balazadeh
Design TeamClient : Danak Group Design Consultant : Hooba design Principal Architect : Hooman Balazadeh Project Architect : Elham Seyfiazad Design Team : Elham Seyfiazad, Saman Soleimaniha, Mona Razavi, Saeed Farshbaf, Davood Raeesi Detail Design : Dariush Ghorbani Site Supervision : Dariush Ghorbani Construction Dire

This project which was initiated by the Sharif University of Technology professors as a research-based communal working space for students. Designing the facade from brick but using new technology was a nod to the nearby 1960s brick-clad university buildings, as well as the fact that the Sharif Office Building will house students working on technological innovations. This design also takes the surrounding environment into consideration. The double skin used in this project helps to control the sun heat exposure in the climate of Tehran and eventually reduces energy consumption during the hot s