[Prince Concepts - 5k  - COVER IMG] 5k Courtyard. Photo by Chris Miele


Firm LocationDetroit, United States
CompanyPrince Concepts
Lead ArchitectUNDECORATED: Ish Rafiuddin
Design TeamArchitect of Record: Et al, Detroit; Landscape Architect: D.I.R.T. Studio: Julie Bargmann

5K is an adaptive reuse project that transformed a nondescript, dilapidated 1950s “warehouse” with very little natural light into a corporate headquarters with three courtyards. By removing 30% of the building’s crumbling roof, the project saved on renovation, solved the lack of natural light in the building’s interior and created an oasis complete with 52 trees. Where many developers transform architecturally significant industrial buildings into inspired spaces, this development was a challenge to transform a seemingly unrepairable, utilitarian structure into a thoughtful, sought-after space