[domaen ltd. - ARB - COVER IMG] canyon view/Paul vu Photography


PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationLos Angeles, United States
Companydomaen ltd.
Lead Architectdomaen inc
Design TeamAxel Schmitzberger R.A, Chris Lowe, Justin Tingue, Jessica Schmitzberger, Randi Riggs, Cooper Ballantine

The private residence ARB sits on the ridge of a steep hillside in Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills CA. With an amazing 270 degree view of the canyon the project balances itself on this ridge with a simple objective: to reduce the appearance of its mass and create a private indoor-outdoor living experience, unique to the climate that Los Angeles provides. To do so, the project features a partially submerged basement and a 110 feet long architectural mass on top with all private bedrooms, encapsulating an open living zone in the middle that extends into a dramatic, cantilevering deck and pool.