Su Chen, Chun Fang

City Crown —— Zhengdong New District Dragon Lake Public Art Center

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationZhengzhou, Henan Province, China
CompanyStudio A+
Lead ArchitectMin Wang
Design TeamMei Ding, Hui Li, Yuliang Wang, Chongshuo Wang, Kefeng Liu, Ge Zhang, Dewen Chu, Yanzhe Mao, Peng Zhang, Congzhen Xiao, Feng Zhou, Bing Qu, Dahua Liu, Yachao Chen, Chi Gao, etc.
ClientZhengdong New District Construction Development Investment Co.,Ltd

Located in the waterfront park, the Center is merged into the landscape, becoming a landmark without overpowering its surroundings. Two major exhibition spaces are either buried into the green land, or lifted into the air, providing multiple platforms for public activities. The ‘ring’, the major volume visible from the city, is supported by 3 points, which are hidden in building elements. The big spans in between assure unobstructed view from the rooftop terrace underneath the ‘ring’. With its cantilevered column-free structure, the ‘ring’offers astonishing panoramic view of the region.