[Goko MX - Chapel Studio - COVER IMG] Chapel Studio photo: Fernando Marroquin

Chapel Studio

Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
CompanyGoko MX
Lead ArchitectChristopher Koehn
Design TeamAcoustic Design Omar Saad / Saad Acústica, Project Manager & 3d modelling Arch. Jetro Centeno, Drawings Arch. Gabriel Azuara, Woodwork: Daniela SantosCoy, Landscape design : Terrestre Studio, Lighting Design : Martin Leal, Window Work Grupo CBCA, Construction manager : Carlos Ascension, Furniture : La Metropolitana, Photography Fernando Marroquín.

Chapel Studio : A space to inspire musicians. Music Studios tend to be closed, cold, visually saturated and artificially lit spaces. No sunlight, no spacial communication, no inspiration. We decided to approach this concept differently: To transform a 1920’s house into a warm home- alike, inspirational music studio.