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The Vibes Co-space

Firm LocationHo Chi Minh, Viet Nam
Project locationHo Chi Minh City - Vietnam
CompanyInfinitive Architecture
Lead ArchitectNguyen Quang Hien
Design TeamTran Kim Ngan, Ha Hong Linh, Nguyen Vinh Hoang, Nguyen Tuan Hoang, Pham Do Dang Khoa, Doan Minh Phuc, Le Dinh Nguyen Vu, Nguyen Van Thai Nhat, Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuong, Nguyen Trong Nhan, Nguyen Truong Nguyen, Le Dinh Hung
ClientThe Vibes Vietnam co.,tld

The Vibes is a workspace with a sense of retreat right in the urban area. The space character adaptation from dwelling to commercial requires a transitional planning concept with the primary facade receded inside, crossing a buffering front yard, a shady pathway, and a garden. This approaching route also helps filter external noise down to a level that enhances the wind-powered tranquil sounds from the bamboo sunshade skin integrated with percussion balls. The airy design of public spaces and the diversity of open spaces encourages outdoor activities that keep people healthier.