Tall Wood Net Zero Carbon Prototype

Firm LocationVancouver, Canada
Project locationVancouver, BC. Canada
CompanyHenriquez Partners Architects
Lead ArchitectGregory Henriquez
Design TeamStructural: Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers, Landscape: Hapa Collaborative, Energy Modelling: RDH, Net Zero Strategy: Reshape Strategies, Sustainable Design: Recollective, Mechanical: Zenon, Code: GHL, Transportation: Bunt & Associates

Prototype is a Net Zero Lifecycle Carbon Rental Housing tower located along Main Street, Vancouver. It will be a replicable hybrid mass timber construction prototype and case study to help British Columbia achieve a significant reduction in lifecycle carbon emissions. The building will have the same net impact on the environment as though it was never built. Its architecture and tectonics are inspired by nature and traditional weaving techniques. Similar to a pinecone, the exterior wall assembly is designed to protect the interior from the sun, rain, and cold temperatures.