[Hariri Pontarini Architects - BARLO MS Centre  - COVER IMG] Reception desk and entrance of the BARLO MS Centre Credit: A-Frame Photography


PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Healthcare / Wellness
Firm LocationToronto, Canada
Project locationToronto, Ontario
CompanyHariri Pontarini Architects
Lead Architect Siamak Hariri
Design TeamDoron Meinhard (PM - Design Competition and Design Phase), Miren Etxezarreta-Aranburu (Project Architect until construction), Greg Adams (PA - construction)
ClientSt. Michael's Hospital

This clinic for treatment and research into Multiple Sclerosis reconsiders healthcare facility design. Recognizing that patients are at the centre of their health and wellness journeys, the environment is empowering, hopeful, and fundamentally life-affirming. A refined material palette of limestone, milled walnut and whitewashed pine adds warmth and texture and meets infection control standards. Gentle curves help guide people through this de-institutionalized setting. The goal is to create a restorative, hospitality-inspired design that dignifies patients and supports them.