[Ma_A - Mediterranean architecture Atelier - Patras Crematorium, Achaia Prefecture, Greece - COVER IMG] Alexios Tzompanakis

Patras Crematorium, Achaia Prefecture, Greece

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Other Architecture
Firm LocationIraklion, Greece
Project locationPatras, Achaia Prefecture, Greece
CompanyMa_A - Mediterranean architecture Atelier
Lead ArchitectAlexios Tzompanakis
Design TeamAngeliki Mpenioudaki, Iris Papadopoulou, Stiliani Vrakidi
ClientPatras Municipality

Patras Crematorium, Achaia Prefecture, Greece. «Μultiple Thresholds» The purpose of the composition of the building is to define a spatial mechanism capable of linking the scale of architecture with that of the city (with regard to the «outside») as well as linking the material dimension with the spiritual one (with regard to the «inside») through the concept of «sublime». This spatial separation (as well as the transitions associated with it) is achieved through transitional spaces, thresholds, filters and barriers, which create an architectural narration with a spatial climax. The compositio