[Matsuya Art Works / KTX archiLAB - The OmniDirectional - COVER IMG] ©Stirling Elmendorf

The OmniDirectional

Firm LocationHimeji, Japan
CompanyMatsuya Art Works / KTX archiLAB
Lead ArchitectTetsuya Matsumoto
Design TeamTetsuya Matsumoto, Motoaki Takeuchi, Farid Ziani, Risa Iriyama, Mari Sugiyama
ClientToshi Naika

The OmniDirectional is an internal medicine clinic located in a Japanese suburban town of Hyogo prefecture. The core of the clinic is the endoscopy room, naturally placing it in a central position both spatially and functionally. The entrance gives directly to the central axis of the waiting room, with the reception counter in the back and followed by a large clear glass opening that showcases the endoscopy room as a modern medical tech piece of art. The materiality of the project is set to further demonstrate the centrality of the endoscopy room.