[Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel - La Bella Vita - COVER IMG] PH by Yuchen Zao, and Studio Millspace

La Bella Vita

Firm LocationMilan, Italy
Project locationTaichung, Taiwan
CompanyAntonio Citterio Patricia Viel
Lead ArchitectAntonio Citterio Patricia Viel
Design TeamACPV team: Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel, with Claudio Raviolo, Chung-Yi Yang, and Paolo Aranci, Massimo Frigerio, Slavko Milanovic, Antonio Paciolla.
ClientContinental Development Corporation

Located in the fast-growing 7th District of Taichung, Taiwan, the 128-meter-high residential tower La Bella Vita creates a new community at a cluster of the city's more recent cultural and high-end housing developments. The distinct identity of the 33,000-sqm La Bella Vita is expressed by the luxurious interiors and the composition of the building’s volumes. Four lower volumes of stacked balconies allude to the materiality of rock formations. They combine with the tallest 37-story amber volume that ties all building masses together.