[M1DTW Architects - 6 SALON (Detroit)  - COVER IMG] Courtesy M1DTW. Photo:Jeffrey Kilmer

6 SALON (Detroit)

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationDetroit, United States
Project locationDetroit, MI
CompanyM1DTW Architects
Lead ArchitectChristian Unverzagt
Design TeamThomas Affeldt, Kerry Conway
Client6 Salon

Throughout all design conceptions for 6 Salon Detroit, M1DTW focused on creating a social experience to amplify the intimate relationship between hairdressers and their clients. The stainless steel, aluminum, slate tile and glass used throughout remain resilient in a demanding environment, and highly recyclable. Floor-to-ceiling storefront windows, attuned to the classical rhythms of the building’s facade, foreground the styling area to pedestrians. Located at a storefront on Detroit’s Woodward Ave., a glass-enclosed vestibule offers a brief preview, pulling clients deep into the space.