Futian International Sports and Culture Exchange Center

Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationShenzhen, China
Design TeamChris Chen, Leon Liang, Ruixing Lu, Te He, Dorothy Law, Kehao Deng, Xiaoyue Hu, Kemou Nie, Claudia Chu
ClientShenzhen Futian Bureau of Sports and Culture, China

Since Shenzhen is the most rapid “urbanization” developed city in China, a traditional sports and culture center with functional separation will not meet the new urban context. The design is to create a new type of “Vertical Sports-Culture Mix” within a limited site. Meanwhile, a series of public spaces are inserted vertically within the building boundary to encourage social activities. The building is supported by 6 mega trusses. Various amenities are hanged from the structure, and the 45*75m main stadium in lower level will be column free for various sport and culture events of Shenzhen.