Leaf Loefgren

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
Lead ArchitectDouglas Tolaine
Design TeamDouglas Tolaine, Fernando Vidal, Giovanni Campari, Marcia Rozetti, Fatima Oliveira, Cesar Ramos, Renan Kadomoto, Fernando Afonso, Daniel Falcão, Gabriel Freitas, Maína Bartholomeu, Marcio Leme, Bruno Guedes e Rafael Sousa.

Leaf Loefgren is a mixed-use building, with residential units, corporate slabs and commercial areas, as well as public realm spaces dedicated to contemplation and interaction. This is the type of project which has been designed not only to promote well-being and quality of life for residents and users, but also to create a valuable experience to local community. By connecting the building to its surroundings, we create a closer relationship between people and the urban space. This was possible once the project was conceived, since the first sketches, integrated into the local urban lines.