[3deluxe - FC-Campus - COVER IMG] The FC Campus’ “Smartphone Façade” is Globally Unique / Photo: Sascha Jahnke


Firm LocationWiesbaden, Germany
Project locationKarlsruhe, Germany
Lead ArchitectDieter Brell
Design TeamMax Diemand, Christian Rücker, eyrise® B.V., planQuadrat
ClientFC-Verwaltung GmbH

The intention in the building design was to combine innovation, sustainability, efficiency and a meaningful arrangement, so as to create a distinctive composition. Because of the striking, organically-shaped, story-spanning windows, the cubes merge to produce a sculptural overall effect with a varying, charming appearance. The building’s intelligent architectural element is a technology, integrated into its glass structure. Interactive integrated liquid crystals allow for a sensor-controlled reduction in light and heat transfer to the building without any negative impact on transparency.