Hours on the Slope

Firm LocationTaichung City, Taiwan
CompanyT.E&C Architects & Associates
Lead ArchitectWen Tong Hsieh
Design TeamWen Tong Hsieh, Kang Cheng Liu, Yung Chi Huang, Sheng Xiang Lin, Cheng Tsung Chen, Ming Hsing Su, Pei Yu Lin, Yu Chien Huang
ClientVictor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

The entire area is mainly divided into three buildings, while the design takes into consideration the relationship between the environment and the direction, adopting dark windows while reducing window area in ordered arrangement on the west side with excessive sun exposure to highlight the sense of volume. A large scale curtain wall is used on the east and the north sides, to create an excellent field of vision while introducing lighting on the north side without direct exposure to the sun.