CapitaLand Nuohemule

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationHohhot, China
CompanyCLOU architects
Lead ArchitectJan Clostermann
Design TeamJianyun Wu, Sebastian Loaiza, Yadi Zhong, Christopher Biggin, Kyra Zhao, Wenlei Ma, Tianshu Liu, Javier Pelaez Garcia, Nan Zhang, Valentina Kholoshenko, Yaxi Wang

CapitaLand Nuohemule is located in Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, the initial challenge was how to utilize the existing structure and fire protection system so that the rather oppressive experience induced by long and narrow atriums can be relieved and re-imagined. Inner Mongolia has the beauty of infinite green lands but also holds the dramatically changing climate throughout the year. The drastic contrast inspires the design concept, which is to incoporate forest green theme interior into the urban shopping space.