Fengming Hotel

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture
Firm LocationChengdu, China
CompanyMET Architectural Design Co,ltd
Lead ArchitectXiangming Xie
Design TeamXiangming Xie, Bangjun Wang, Zhengwei Pan, Junhong Lai
ClientDu jiang yan Shen Yu Tourism Resources Development Co,Ltd

Dujiangyan is a tourist destination city with two World Heritage titles (World Cultural Heritage and World Natural Heritage) . However, there is a lack of a landmark "destination Resort". Therefore, through innovative design methods and integrating local cultural elements, we establishes a landmark destination resort hotel at Dujiang Yan City . The hotel has 200keys rooms, two different styles of restaurants, bars, glass swimming pools, banquet halls, tea rooms and shops selling local hand gifts