Firm LocationHuizhou City, Guangdong Province, China
CompanyBDSD Boundless design
Lead ArchitectWenke Lin, Zhengyuan Sun
Design TeamJiaxin Ye, Meijia Pan, Xiangzhen Ye

The story of time in a bookstore grows upward in the middle of the city Memories in books are about the city and the self Huizhou Wild Island Cultural Life Community is famous for its accumulation of Dongpo Temple, the former site of Yuedong Distillery and the former site of East Lake Hotel. Ueno Book House is located here. It awakens the industrial civilization engraved in the depths of history with the scent of books. Old memories overlap with new stories, and the past and changes of the city, which have been left behind by the passing of time, are preserved, shaped and regenerated.