[IBUKU - The Arc at Green School Bali - COVER IMG] Nestled in the heart of Bali, The Arc is the new gymnasium at Green School, where children learn surrounded by nature. It stands close to the famed Heart of School and now offers the largest space on campus, meant not only for physical education, but also

The Arc at Green School Bali

Firm LocationHuron, Indonesia
Lead ArchitectIBUKU
Design TeamElora Hardy, Creative Director; Defit Wijaya, Head of Architecture; Rowland Sauls, Project Architect; Fillologus Iryono, Senior Architect; Jules de Laage, On-Site Architect / Const. Manager; Willian Gonzalez, Architect; Doni Prabowo, Structural Model Designer; James Wolf, Structural Testing & Site Supervisor; Jörg Stamm, Design Conceptor; Neil Thomas (Atelier One), Engineer and Design Conceptor
ClientGreen School Bali

The Arc is the new gymnasium at the world renowned Green School in Bali, Indonesia. The first building of its kind ever made, the Arc at Green School is a series of bamboo arches spanning 19 meters, interconnected by anticlastic gridshells which derive their strength from curving in two directions. This unprecedented use of bamboo required months of research and development and fine tuning of tailor-made details. The result is a refined feat of engineering with unparalleled beauty, which stands as a testament to Green School and IBUKU's commitment to expanding horizons in the world of design.