[Séren Incorporadora - Sagô Marista by Hans Donner - COVER IMG] Sagô Marista by Hans Donner

Sagô Marista by Hans Donner

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Multi Unit
Firm LocationGoiânia, Brazil
Project locationGoiânia, Brazil
CompanySéren Incorporadora
Lead ArchitectLins Galvão & Arquitetos Associados
Design TeamAna Gabriela Lins, Iara Galvão, Hans Donner

Sagô Marista is a modern, stylish and, at the same time, unique venture, like no one has ever seen. An exclusive project by Séren Incorporadora in partnership with the architectural firm Lins Galvão. The apartments were designed with black aluminum floor-to-ceiling frames, with louvers for sun management. This means, in addition to the amazing view and design, plenty of natural light. Can you imagine being able to observe the world in 360º from your own home? That's what Sagô will offer.