Aquatica Illusion Graphite Black Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub

Location, United States
CompanyAquatica Plumbing Group Inc.
Lead DesignerMaurizio Amato
Design TeamAquatica Co-Founder, Diana Grybkovа

Combining the science of ergonomics with pure luxury, this is one of the most comfortable and easily accessible bathtubs for all shapes, sizes and ages. Made of cutting edge, black solid surface NeroX™, it is easy-to-clean, sustainable and eco-friendly. The Illusion freestanding bathtub was designed with easy access as the principle advantage. The low profile walls make it easier for older and physically challenged bathers such as those suffering from arthritis, to get in. Its ergonomic design follows the body’s shape, ensuring ultimate comfort, even for couples & the tallest bathers.