[Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron/SZAD - Bamboo Resort Rising from A Paddy Field - COVER IMG] View from Paddies/Yunchao Xu

Bamboo Resort Rising from A Paddy Field

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Green architecture
Firm LocationShenzhen, China
Project locationJian, China
CompanyYunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron/SZAD
Lead ArchitectYunchao Xu
Design TeamJiachuan Qi, Hongrui Liu, Xiangyi Lan, Jianxuan Chen, Tianxiong Li, Ruidong Xing, Kan Gao, Lulu Chen

There used to be an abandoned cement factory on the site. We proposed an exciting renewal plan to build an ecological rural cultural resort. The ground level of the building is a LOOP public space gently rising from the fields. The upper level is a mini town consisting of 68 living units with a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Facing the large rice field on the east side, it is a group of vault villa, where people and paddy fields are in super-close contact. On the west side, towards the river and mountains, there is a series of flat suites with customized private courtyards.