[Henriquez Partners Architects - Oakridge Park - COVER IMG] Aerial view of Oakridge site

Oakridge Park

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm LocationVancouver, Canada
Project locationVancouver, British Columbia
CompanyHenriquez Partners Architects
Lead ArchitectGregory Henriquez
Design TeamAdamson Associates Architects, Diamond Schmitt Architects, Revery Architecture, PFS Studio
ClientWestbank Corp & QuadReal Property Group

Oakridge Park is a 28-acre, 5 million ft2 mixed-use cultural and civic hub that will become Vancouver’s first municipal town centre outside the downtown core. Guided by extensive planning and consultation, Oakridge is one of Canada’s largest mixed-use projects, with over 3,000 homes including 420 affordable units; workspace supporting 5,300+ jobs; and an array of civic amenities including a 9-acre public park, community centre, library and daycare. Energy use will be sustainable, delivered via an innovative district energy system and on-site energy plant to reduce carbon emissions by 70+%.