Real One Tower

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationShenzhen, China
Lead ArchitectKeith Griffiths, Chris Chen
Design TeamProject Architect: Philips Gan; Team: Wenzhen Zhang, Kehao Deng, Gabriella Zhou
ClientOCT, Shenzhen

Located along the scenic Qianhai Bay, the OCT Shenzhen Real One Tower accommodates Grade-A offices, street retail and especially the luxurious St. Regis Hotel. Facing the spectacular outlook of Qianhai Bay, the Real One Tower is met with a peerless view of the balmy sea and hugged by luscious greenery along the easterly central green axis of Bao’an District. St. Regis Hotel atop overlooks the magnificent oceanic view. Grade-A offices below are galvanised by the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city below, while the street retail along the bridge linkage offer amble attraction.