[Félix Michaud - Photographie - De La Gauchetière Loft - COVER IMG] De La Gauchetière Loft by Future Simple Studio/ Félix Michaud - Photographie

De La Gauchetière Loft

LocationMontréal, Canada
StudioFélix Michaud - Photographie
PhotographerFélix Michaud

The design of this project is manifested through a simple concept: a box inside the box. Two glazed wooden volumes are thoughtfully arranged within the concrete structure and programmed as bedrooms. Located in a hundred-year-old heritage building, the design of this loft seeks to integrate nature and family living into a space that is decisively urban while celebrating its industrial origins. This summarizes well the elements that had to be highlighted with the photographs. While keeping in mind to enhance the transparency of the place and the exceptional light quality that characterizes it.