[Aedas - ENOC Future Mobility Station – Dubai Expo 2020 - COVER IMG] Photo by ENOC Group

ENOC Future Mobility Station – Dubai Expo 2020

Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationDubai EXPO 2020 Site, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Design TeamPremier Composite Technologies – Carbon Fiber Canopy Structure development and manufacturing, Joseph Group – Façade development and manufacturing, 3S Lighting – Lighting Design, Arcadis Lead Consultant and AOR
ClientEmirates National Oil Company (ENOC)

ENOC is futuristic petrol station located at Dubai Expo 2021, the project employs principles from biomimicry, designing and producing materials that are modelled on biological entities. ENOC Station was presented with the LEED platinum certification, world’s first station to receive such honor. The design is inspired by the rich heritage of the UAE’s traditions in the form of its national tree, the Ghaf tree, a local, resilient tree species that grows in a harsh, arid desert environment, A symbol of sustainability, was selected as a central motif and main source of inspiration for the design.