[IDOM - Beronia Winery in La Rioja - COVER IMG] General view / Francesco Pinton

Beronia Winery in La Rioja

Firm LocationMadrid, Spain
Lead ArchitectBorja Gómez, Gonzalo Tello
Design TeamManuel Bouzas, Fernando Garrido, Gonzalo Peñalba, Andreia Faley, Juan Dávila, Carlos Castañón, Romina González, Jorge de Prado, Borja Olivares, Beatriz Suárez, Antonio Villanueva, Isaac Lorenzo, Javier Martín, Carlos Trujillano, Federico Reguero, Héctor Mayordomo, Federico Reguero, Almudena García Bacarizo, Sergio González
ClientGonzález Byass

The vineyard is the leading actor. The winery is buried into the ground letting the landscape pass over it while remaining integrated into it. More than a simple generic container of an industrial process, in which the production machinery, independent of the environment, dispatches a salable product; La Bodega of Gonzalez Byass is a holistic response to the location, the program and the production process. A space where you can enjoy the culture of wine.