Photo Credit: Pierre Galant

The Wrinkle

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationLos Angeles, United States
Companyæ architecture, Inc
Lead ArchitectJeffrey J. Eyster, AIA
Design TeamGabriel Molina

This project cuts five new lots from one 516 square meter lot for five new townhomes. Units range from 140 to 170 square meters. To bring some light to this downtrodden LA neighborhood, the project provides optimistic loft-like creative housing with a wrinkle. The Wrinkle is an imperfect non-repeating faceted modulation of the typical Los Angeles stucco facade, fractured into sections and given a color code for home-owners to find identity and difference. With five and a half meter ceilings, tall narrow windows, and lofty spaces with raw materials, the Los Angeles styled townhome is born.