[Revery/RLP Company Ltd. - Xiqu Centre - COVER IMG] Xiqu Centre's dramatic façade of aluminum fins alludes to the theatrical magic that awaits within. (Credit: Ema Peter)

Xiqu Centre

Firm Locationvancouver, Canada
Project locationKowloon, Hong Kong
CompanyRevery/RLP Company Ltd.
Lead ArchitectRevery Architecture: Bing Thom, Venelin Kokalov
Design TeamREVERY ARCHITECTURE: Earle Briggs, Francis Yan, Kyle Chan, Giles Hall, Johnnie Kuo, Amirali Javidan, Daniel Gasser, Culum Osbourne, Nicole Hu, Elaine Tong, April Wong, Brian Ackerman, KK Wong, Chun Choy. CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION - RONALD LU AND PARTNERS LTD.: Ronald Lu, Bryant Lu, Peter Yam, Alex Chua, Eugene Ching, MK Chan, Ray Lee, Marco Chan, Belinda Law, Hon Mung Ying.
ClientWest Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA)

Hong Kong’s new 7-storey home for traditional Chinese opera blends theatre, art, nature, and public space within its dramatic woven aluminum façade. Respecting Xiqu’s market-place heritage, Revery elevated the main 1,050-seat Grand Theatre 27m above the site to create a semi-enclosed, naturally ventilated urban realm protected from the elements yet comfortable even in the hottest summer months. Centered around the fluid geometry of this vibrant urban living room are cafes, restaurants, a contemporary 200-seat Tea House theatre, and 8 rehearsal halls, inviting activity 24 hours/day.