Extension of Dorleta building. Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Firm LocationZarautz, Spain
CompanyBeste Arkitektura Agentzia Bat
Lead ArchitectIbon Salaberria / Itziar Imaz
Design TeamUla Iruretagoiena, Ibai Madariaga, Alex Orive, Asier Sánchez, Igor Lili, Arrese-Igor, Inak, Lur paisajistak, Gorka Eizagirre
ClientMondragon Unibertsitatea

The project proposes as an initial premise to maintain its concrete structure, with a transversal span of 11 meters suitable for multipurpose learning spaces, adding a new 6-meter deep bay. This addition allows the surface of the old building to become a kind of adaptable classroom, and the new bay to absorb both the circulations and the more informal activities of the learning processes of its inhabitants. This premise of addition is adapted and expanded on the ground floor to accommodate the new uses demanded by the pedagogical strategy of the university.