[Ralph Appelbaum Associates - Second World War Galleries, Imperial War Museums - COVER IMG] Photographer: Andrew Lee

Second World War Galleries, Imperial War Museums

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Exhibition
Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanyRalph Appelbaum Associates
Lead ArchitectExhibition Designer: Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Design TeamPhillip Tefft (Director, RAA London), Patrick Swindell (Project Director), Sarah Pollard (3D Designer), Caroline Sjöholm (3D Designer), Mat Mason (2D Designer), Charlotte Kingston (Content Developer), Helen Schulte (Content Developer), Sadie Levy Gale (Content Coordinator)
ClientImperial War Museums

The redevelopment of the Second World War Galleries at London’s Imperial War Museum represents a major new update and revision of this pivotal period in history. With more than 1500 artifacts and personal stories from over 80 countries, the Galleries bring together untold stories and unheard voices to help visitors understand the most devastating conflict in human history in greater detail. Taking a global approach to WWII and exploring conflict zones across the world, the Galleries tell the extraordinary stories of ordinary people.