Avlakia House

Firm LocationAthens,
Project locationAntiparos, Greece
CompanyARP - Architecture Research Practice
Lead ArchitectArgyro Pouliovali
Design TeamEva Alberini, Nora Delidimou, Marilena Stavrakaki, Sofia Xanthakou

Avlakia is both a building and an earthwork emerging from the landscape in the form of a stone retaining wall. A white monumental volume rests on it and hosts the public areas. This monumentality is achieved by a series of operations that consider the site's relation to the sun and wind, and transform a white box into a sculptured building, a Cycladic temple. Meanwhile, subterranean stone volumes comprise the bedrooms and wrap around a courtyard in a village-like arrangement. The project seeks to preserve the physical and cultural landscape of the broader region of the Cycladic Archipelagos.