[Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic - Peloponnese Rural Residential House - COVER IMG] View towards Olive Tree Courtyard_ Photo by Athina Souli

Peloponnese Rural Residential House

Firm LocationΓλυφαδα,
CompanyArchitectural Studio Ivana Lukovic
Lead ArchitectIvana Lukovic
Design TeamAlexandra Arampatzi, Architect and Stanford Rabbit, Architects
ClientIoannis Psaros and Katarina Ushakova

A plot situated in a village of Kalamia, with a view to the Gulf of Corinth, is a setting for a family retreat. The morphology of the place led to the decision of creating a house with humble appearance from the street side, while developing in a prominent two-level construction from the garden. Natural reclaimed materials applied on the elevations and in interior are inspired by industrial feel of the Peloponnese traditional stone stables. Built according to sustainable standards with restricted means, the custom-made 141m2 dwelling has been playing major role in the 2020 pandemic situation.