[CDM | Casas de Mexico - Casa Puesta del Sol - COVER IMG] Casa Puesta del Sol | Photography by Cesar Bejar

Casa Puesta del Sol

Firm LocationZapopan, Mexico
CompanyCDM | Casas de Mexico
Lead ArchitectJavier Dueñas
Design TeamM. Arch. Javier Dueñas Estrada, Arch. Gabriela González, Arch. Alejandra Chávez, Arch. Jimena Pérez Méndez, Arch. Rodrigo Carreón, Arch. Carlos Mendiola, Arch. Gloria López, Arch. Fabiola Ovando, Arch. Alan García, Arch. Mariana Jaramillo

Casa PDS sits in that very moment where the jungle opens up to meet the clear horizon of the sea. Here, the wanderer is unequivocally pulled by the magnetism of the ocean, and pushed at the same time by the heavy vegetation, creating a “void” between the two forces around which Casa PDS revolves. The central patio that conducts all flows, is a piece of rainforest reintroduced within architecture to trigger the wanderings that always end in front of a scene where the sun is devoured by the ocean. A mesmerizing moment where conscience fades into the immensity of jungle and sea finding each other