[UCGD有乘 - WUXI VANKE UPCITY - COVER IMG] Zeng Jianghe, Zhou Qi


Firm LocationShanghai, China
Project locationWuxi, China
Lead ArchitectFeng Cheng
Design TeamYuanfeng Xu, Zhaohui Ma, Xiangyi Zhang, Hang Li, Changchun Wang, Wenjie Ren, Ganggang Zhang, Linjiang Li, Weijia Su, Qiang Zhang

A commercial community in a street corner of Wuxi city, the project presents as an L-shaped architecture combined with buildings of small-volume boxes to delimit the public space for residents. The connection and permeation between the architectures and the plaza delivers a variety of wonderful views. The ground floor and upper space are connected by using large steps and various platforms, creating a rich spatial experience as well as providing the neighborhood with convenient education, shopping, and entertainment services.