PMT Partners Ltd.

Shapu Village Banquets and Dragon Boat Center

Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
Project locationShunde, China
CompanyPMT Partners Ltd.
Lead ArchitectYan Hu, Weihao Zhao, Zhe Zeng
Design TeamJiarong Huang, Mianshi Lin, Li Chen, Cheng Pang, Ziyue Zhou, Zeqiang Lu

Located in Shunde, a coastal area in southern China, Jun'an is a small town famous for its delicacies. Every year, due to important festivals, weddings, and funerals, more than 80 village banquets are held in the local area, which has generated the demand for a village banquet kitchen. Next to the venue, it happens to be the river course for the dragon boat race, then it gives birth to a multifunction exhibition hall for village banquet and dragon boat racing, which integrates the village banquet kitchen, dragon boat cultural exhibition, dragon boat team training and race watching.