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80 Charlotte Street

Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Project locationLondon, UK
CompanyMake Ltd
Lead ArchitectSean Affleck
Design TeamSean Affleck; Mark Tynan; Jason McColl; Oliver Hall; Ken Shuttleworth; Kunwook Kang; Vicky Brown; Charley Lacey; Stuart Fraser; Graham Longman; Bill Webb; Sarah Shuttleworth; Yianni Kattirtzis; Philip Twiss; John Man; Robin Gill; Matt Seabrook; James Taylor; Tracey Wiles; Florian Frotscher; Fakhry Akkad; Robin Gill; Kalliopi Kousouri; Yuting Jiang; Rita Martins; Lam Tran;
ClientDerwent London

80 Charlotte Street is a mixed-use scheme comprising commercial, residential and retail accommodation and a small public park. Located in Fitzrovia, the project is inherently urban in its integration of the city and street context, both in its massing and composition. The architecture imaginatively combines the existing fabric with new-build elements, and is characterised by varying facade treatments, setbacks and terraces. This reflects the surrounding Fitzrovia area and breaks down the block externally into a smaller, local scale while still retaining deep, flexible commercial floorplans.