[Laurent Troost Architectures - CASSINA Innovation House - COVER IMG] Cassina Innovation House sits in a 125-year-old building

CASSINA Innovation House

Firm LocationManaus, Brazil
Project locationManaus, Amazonas, Brazil
CompanyLaurent Troost Architectures
Lead ArchitectLaurent Troost
Design TeamArchitecture Team: Laurent Troost, Rejane Gaston, Juliana Leal, Nayara Mello, Erick Saraiva, Eloisa Serrão, Victor Marques, Marcelo Costa, Ingrid Maranhão, Eduardo Corrêa, Amanda Perreira, Fernanda Martins, Kauã Mendes | Restoration: Landa Bernardo | History Consultants: Centro Cultural Reunidos, Fábio Augusto de Carvalho Pedrosa | Archeology: Margaret Cerqueira, Vanessa Benedito
ClientManaus Municipality

This digital technology center houses spaces to foster creativity and meetings for digital economy makers. The preservation of its ruin condition includes the insertion of an exuberant tropical garden behind the main facade. Whom access the building via the walkway crossing the void over the garden is reminded of Manaus intrinsic reason for being: the Amazon rainforest. This innovative way of dealing with heritage didn’t forget about passive sustainability learnings such as prefab steel structure, cross ventilation, permeability, microclimate, large eaves, ventilated roof, double-skin windows.