West façade – main entrance © Aurelien Chen

Former miner’s canteen refurbishment

Firm LocationParis, France
CompanyAurelien Chen + Urban and rural planning and design institute of CSCEC
Lead ArchitectAurelien Chen
Design Team- Partners in charge: Aurelien Chen, Wu Yixia (Urban and rural planning and design institute of CSCEC) - Lead Architect: Aurelien Chen - Design Institute: Urban and rural planning and design institute of CSCEC - Design team: Aurelien Chen, Wang Man Yu - Historical study: Sun Jie Yang, Qiu Shuang - Collaborators: Lifeng Architecture studio (interior construction design)

The work consisted in the refurbishment of the existing dilapidated building; the facades were slightly transformed in order to create homogeneity with adjacent historical buildings. The interior design is the result of a careful historical study of the “Red Era” colors, materials and furniture, which were subtly reinterpreted. Finally, this refurbishment was meant to adapt the building to new and contemporary usages: literary café, library, museum, exhibition, lectures, events. The existing old dilapidated walls carry the traces of history, they become the key elements of the design.