Punta Majahua

Firm LocationZihuatanejo, Mexico
CompanyZozaya Arquitectos
Lead ArchitectEnrique Zozaya Diaz & Daniel Zozaya Valdes
Design TeamCarlos Morales, Luis Alonso, José Antonio Vázquez, Ana Karen Cadena, Esthela Valenzuela, Ana Karen Cadena, Jesus Lopez, Cesar Octavio.

Punta Majahua is a project that was born from the idea of creating luxury homes facing the sea that will adapt in the best way to the site. Through the use of curves we try to mimic the fluidity of the sea waves and allow the generation of very organic volumes that benefit cross ventilation and aesthetics. In Punta Majahua we find very few angles at 90 degrees, we think that generating spaces with curves allows us to better resolve spaces and sea views.