[Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic - A24 Reconstruction - COVER IMG] View towards transitional point- interior garden_ Photo by Dusan Djordjevic

A24 Reconstruction

Firm LocationΓλυφαδα,
CompanyArchitectural Studio Ivana Lukovic
Lead ArchitectIvana Lukovic
Design TeamAlexandra Arampatzi, Kostas Geranios, Orestis Mpormpantonakis, Miroslav Silashki
ClientIvana Lukovic and Dario Cehovin

In the central Belgrade ‘70s dwelling, a challenging reconstruction of the A 24 introduced a new metal construction, thus enabling additional 13m2 of habitable space. Eleven light wells were created to allow natural light and ventilation for the entire place, along with establishing two transitional points- interior gardens. The 110m2 space is conceived like a bespoke wooden box, while the ‘70s nostalgia was evoked through the materiality: walnut veneer, birch plywood and handmade terrazzo. A24 project focused on architectural qualities in parallel with the social ones.