[Nid Design lab x Collective Practice - Pa-Shih Concept Store - COVER IMG] DESIGN BY Nid Design Lab X Collective Practice, PHOTO BY FanArt@@

Pa-Shih Concept Store

Firm LocationTaichung, Taiwan
CompanyNid Design lab x Collective Practice
Lead ArchitectChin-Lun Yen, Chao-Kai Wang
ClientShih-Shen International Ltd.

The design is to create the brand’s flagship inside the National Taichung Theater. The idea is to translate the brand’s elements of “hill” and “creek” into a featured bar table that meander through the shop. The visitors would “drift” along the table through the merchandise, the counter to watch the making of the dessert, then to the seating area. The table was constructed by laser-cut plywood and finished with a cement and pebble mixture, a traditional Taiwanese technique, to achieve a textured surface while reflecting the brand’s value of combining new technology with old craftsmanship.