[Makhno Studio - Underground house Plan B - COVER IMG] Photos by Serhii Kadulin

Underground house Plan B

Firm LocationKyiv, Ukraine
CompanyMakhno Studio
Lead ArchitectSerhii Makhno
Design TeamSerhii Makhno, Olha Sobchyshyna, Oleksandr Makhno, Ihor Havrylenko, Oleksandr Bokhan, Maryna Hrechko, Serhii Filonchuk, Tatiana Vakula, Maria Fedko, Daria Sushko, Maryna Vasylishyna

Plan B is a 2 280 sq. m house of reinforced concrete on a depth of 15 metres below the ground. Its concept is Makhno Studio’s reaction to a COVID-19 pandemic, a reflection on the continuation of human life under any circumstances, and an attempt to understand whether architecture can create the impression of life at the surface while being in its depths. This house is fully autonomous and consists of a disinfection shield, pantries for food supplies, gardens, a fish pool, a gym, a cinema, and everything people need in their daily lifestyle.