[PLACE - 5MLK - COVER IMG] © Cheryl McIntosh


Firm LocationPortland, United States
Lead ArchitectMauricio Villarreal, Landscape Architect
Design TeamGREC Architects
ClientGerding Edlen

Burnside is Portland, Oregon’s iconic thoroughfare connecting the east and west sides of the city. With the east end rapidly growing, 5MLK brings a 17-story 200’ tall building with retail and office space, residential apartments, and underground parking to a burgeoning community. PLACE’s cascading series of terraces was designed to represent the Pacific Northwest’s landscape: hanging meadows; NW woodland; riparian forest: and wetlands & rivers. With a focus on sustainability, 5MLK is certified for LEED Gold, Salmon Safe, and the first mixed-use building in the US with a Fitwel certification.