[D1 Architecture Studio - Hotel Le Bouton, Da Nang - COVER IMG] Facade of Hotel Le Bouton

Hotel Le Bouton, Da Nang

Firm LocationHo Chi Minh, Viet Nam
CompanyD1 Architecture Studio
Lead ArchitectTân Nguyễn
Design TeamLead Architect: Nguyễn Thanh Tân Interior Designer: D1 Architectural Studio Lead Designer: Architect Lê Thị Trang, Architect Nguyễn Thanh Tân Structural Design: KS. Bùi Văn Nhựt Electromechanical Design: Lâm Ngọc Khôi Construction supervisor: Nguyễn Viết Thắng Lightning consultant: Vạn Mỹ Khánh Co., Ltd. Landscape design: D1 Architectural Studio Green architecture consultant: D1 Architectural Stud
ClientClient: Vạn Mỹ Khánh Co., Ltd.

The Hotel Le Bouton boldly announces its identity in the busy urban area of Tran Dinh Dan Street: an organic structure that connects its visitors to the region’s natural beauty. D1’s design challenges long-standing architectural ciché by bringing the interior design up front to turn the façade into a scenery itself. D1 has been working with local craftsmen to imbue the spirit of Danang into each design element. Great dedication was invested in calculating the direction of the hotel to reduce energy consumption, and in selecting strong, versatile materials that can surmount climate challenges.