[Ricardo Abreu Arquitetos - Restaurante 00:00 - COVER IMG] Renato Navarro and André Mortatti

Restaurante 00:00

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
CompanyRicardo Abreu Arquitetos
Lead ArchitectRicardo Abreu
Design TeamAna Clara Conde, Camila Kogima, Danilo Iadocicco, Fernanda Souza, Gabriel Tavares, Laura Sakashita, Mateus Accioly, Marcos Neves, Rebecca Grillo

The project designed to a Greek restaurant, at the most iconic sites of São Paulo, arouses an aesthetic outlook to the forgotten and abandoned places at the big urban centers. Inspired about the time actions and its effects, a reflection over the possibilities between the preexistence of the empty places with the contemporary forms is proposed. The past remains alive and the only element that acts in favor of the time is celebrated: the nature. Through the hall, there are 41 islands and plant beds placed among tables: a reference of the Cyclades.