[Giuseppe Tortato Architetti - Il Refettorio - COVER IMG] Il Refettorio - Marco Valmarana

Il Refettorio

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationMilan, Italy
Project locationVenice
CompanyGiuseppe Tortato Architetti
Lead ArchitectGiuseppe Tortato

The creation of a special place where simply feeling good is the key to interpreting this project, in contrast to the disposable design that characterizes our current era. “Il Refettorio” is the result of the incredible synergistic work between the Milan studio Giuseppe Tortato Architetti and the client. The studio has handled the interior design of the entire project: from the materials to designing the furnishings and lighting fixtures conceived and produced by craftsmen exclusively for this project. There is an intense focus on detail, materials and colors create a unique place.