Goodman Amenity Space

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces Interior
Firm LocationMinatoku, Japan
CompanyKAMITOPEN Co., Ltd.
Lead ArchitectMasahiro Yoshida
Design TeamAsuka Tamaru
ClientGoodman Group

The sea and nature The Goodman Group is a company that owns, develops and manages the industrial real estate. As a lot of employees spend a whole day working there, the demand to create a refreshing spaces for the workers has also risen. This time, for the Stage 5 of a large scale business park located in Chiba New Town, 470m2 of the amenity space in the distribution warehouse was planned to be designed. Since the amenity space was required to be both relaxing and healing, we created a space where people can feel the nature and sea of Australia, where Goodman Group headquarters are located.