Payagene Daroo Accelerator Office

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces Interior
Firm LocationTehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Project locationKaraj, Iran
CompanyKooshk Office
Lead ArchitectArash Khodadad, Samaneh Yarahmadi
Design TeamZahra Nikzare,Fahimeh Mirzaie,Nima Mahabadi,Mona Parvinzad,Afsaneh Faryabi,Mahla Zeinali,Rojin Rasoolabadi
ClientPayagene Daroo Company

The site of this project was an abandoned industrial building at the corner of a factory. The client’s requirement was to build a suitable office for a new pharmaceutical accelerator. The main design objectives were the definition of a new entrance and landscape as a connection joint and a public space, connecting internal and external spaces and exposing the purity of materials in composition with light and shadow. Regarding the need to extend the functional area of the office, a mezzanine, and two cantilevered cubes as meeting rooms were built and were connected with two monumental stairs.